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Buy wavy bars mushroom chocolate online.Wavy Caps Bar is a dominating mushroom bar. The product has a brownish color and a very sweet taste. This flavor has a very huge demand and this is associated with its unique chocolate-like taste. It is popular in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Wavy bar chocolate is actually one of the best flavors available. The name wavy bars is gotten from its curly wave-like structure. These chocolate mushrooms are the new generation way of microdosing and it has an ever-ready market. Wavy bars chocolate for sale, psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars, oneup mushroom chocolate bars, Where to buy psilocybin chocolate bar


There are 3 main ingredients necessary in making wavy bars. They include mushrooms, milk, and chocolate. However, with the chocolate wavy bar flavor, mushroom, milk, and chocolate are the only ingredients used. Therefore this chocolate mushroom bar has a sweet taste, unlike the wavy bar of vegan chocolate. psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars

Wavy bars chocolate for sale

Wavy Caps Packaging 

These wavy bars come in blue foil paper. Also, it has the wavy bar logo on it. The various flavors are below the brand name. The product is linear in shape and has an estimated length of 15cm. Similar to its cousin (one up mushroom), these wavy bars have an average weight of 3.5g and have a wave-like structure… Oneup mushroom chocolate bars, Where to buy psilocybin chocolate bar

Effects of wavy mushrooms chocolate bar

There are no negative reviews about wavy bars since all of our customers claim to have a funfilled experience whenever they microdose with these shroom chocolate. Moreover, there are lots of positive reviews about the taste, and texture quality of the bar.  However, this product has very strong hallucinogenic effects. Therefore as you microdose, stay safe and abusive use. Buy herbal incense overnight shipping


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