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The CCell TH2 oil cartridges are thought to be one of the best quality dab carts you can get. CCell is one of the early players in the vaporizer industry. They have been around since 2006 and produced the well respected CCell Palm and Silo 510 threaded batteries. Buy ccell cartridges online UK, ccell carts for sale UK, buy Flavrx Carts online, where to buy thc distillate, vape oil carts for sale

The Design of the CCell TH2 Oil Cartridge

The TH2 oil carts incorporate a revolutionary ceramic atomizer, a glass tank, and a ceramic or red cedar wood mouthpiece. The heart of the cartridge though is the innovative ceramic coil that is famous for huge and flavorful clouds of vapor. ccell carts for sale UK

Most people are familiar with dab carts built with a cotton wick and plastic tank and mouthpiece. Such cartridges are not hard to find and plagued with a bad rep for all sorts of reasons. buy Flavrx Carts online, where to buy thc distillate, vape oil carts for sale
In contrast, CCell only uses food and medical grade materials for their products. Additionally, they proactively test every component they produce. These tests include evaluation for heavy metals to ensure users’ safety.

Buy ccell cartridges online UK

Refillable Oil Cartridge

TH2 carts have a screw-in mouthpiece with a silicone bottom seal. This makes it ideal for refilling with cannabis oil distillate. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that they can be refilled time after time. In fact, CCell doesn’t recommend using them more than once.


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