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buy cheeba chews online

buy cheeba chews online, are taffies infused with cannabis, cut within precise weight tolerances, ensuring consistent effects every time. However,  Their perfected process consistently makes the safest, most pure cannabis extract possible, while activating 98%+ of the available cannabinoids. Every single batch of extract is tested for THC, CBD, and CBN content. They also test edibles on a monthly basis to ensure that they are sticking to their promise of making the most potent and consistent cannabis edible on the market. Thc cheeba chews for sale, order cheeba chews online, thc infused edibles for sale, 500mg edibles for sale UK

The following varieties are available:

Sativa (Orange)
This is a chocolate delight containing ten individually-dosed morsels for your daytime energizing needs. order cheeba chews online

Testing: 100mg THC per package

Hybrid (Green)

Indulge in this salivating chocolate version for those seeking both calming and creative-inspiring energies, with ten 10mg doses per package.
Testing: 88.63mg THC per package

Hybrid – Caramel (Yellow)

Another hybrid version, but this time you can enjoy a salty-sweet caramel twist in ten 10mg servings a box. 

Testing: 87.31mg THC per package

Indica (Black)
Those requiring assistance to sleep but want a chocolate palette before bed can reach for these ten-10mg dose packages.
Testing: 100mg THC per package

Indica – Strawberry (Pink)
Relaxing at night can be fruitful with this strawberry-flavored taffy.
Testing: 100mg THC per package

Notes to Customers, Buy cheeba chews online

Select More Information for ingredients, testing, and dosage recommendations.

The State of California recommends 10mg THC maximum as single serving size.

Pictures are not indicative of all varieties.

We include a single-use cold pack in orders containing taffy edibles. Therefore, but this may not be enough to prevent softening or melting during transport (especially during warmer weather). Putting them in the fridge will harden the chocolate and they will remain just as medicated, even if soft. However, we do not replace melted taffies. thc infused edibles for sale, 500mg edibles for sale UK



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