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Cobra Extracts releases Their new distillate oil cartridges on the left, much better than their old CO2 cartridges on the right. This brand has a clean distillate oil with THC content up to 93%. The CCELL vape cartridges provide you hits with zero draw resistance. Take huge hits with little effort and quickly become high within seconds. Buy green dragon extracts online Green dragon extracts for sale, buy live resin in England,order stiiizy pods, stiiizy pods for sale ireland

They have rebranded a popular flip vape pen battery which works excellent with their cartridges. There are three temperature mods; the highest one is perfect for puffing huge vape clouds.

Now do not get these distillate oil cartridges from Cobra Extracts confused with their CO2 oil. I can’t recommend Cobra Extracts CO2 cartridges because they’re THC content is low.

They are also just not as tasty as their new distillate oil cartridges.
These essential changes done by Cobra Extracts allowed them to get the attention they deserve.
Although a cannabis cup winner, their following on social media could be bigger.


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