Jefe OG

£ 45,00

31% THC
0.1% CBD


Buy Jefe OG strain UK

Buy Jefe OG strain UK, bred by COOKIES.SF, has an earthy, lemony scent, and a sweet, spicy flavor with a tangy aftertaste.Greenleaf Dispensary Uk ideal place to get Jefe OG strain for sale, Jefe OG strain UK, big al’s exotics strains, smarties strain UK

There was no information on the lineage or terpene profile of this strain, however the nug is light green with deep amber pistils and a frosty layer of crystal trichomes. You Can Get Cookies Jefe OG Online.

Jefe OG strain for sale

Although they are one of the most well-known California growers, much about the Cookies strain’s genetics is still a mystery. Cereal Milk is a solitary strain that many enthusiasts praise.

Many people have become interested in Cookies because of the strain’s sumptuous name and its icy photogenic properties, as well as the brand’s hype. You Can Get Cookies’ Jefe OG Here!

Nobody outside of Cookies HQ has a firm grasp on the genetics of Cereal Milk. Many accounts suggest that it is a Sunset Sherbet hybrid, however this is difficult to confirm. Big al’s exotics strains

Jefe OG strain UK

The strain’s stunning visuals are easy to confirm. It contains trichomes that virtually drop off the leaves and dense, elongated buds with intense purple accents. Smarties strain UK

I haven’t sampled the 75th phenotype, but the 53rd one was a home run. It received a 9.3 because to its berry pine terpene profile, gorgeous purple buds, and potent Indica-hybrid effects.

The genetics of the London Pound Cake strain of cannabis are strong enough to generate a wide variety of desirable effects. Cookies for Sale Jefe OG In several California Marijuana dispensaries, you can get Sweet Tea in a variety of forms, including flower, pre-rolls, and G-Pods compatible with G-Pen vaporizers.

Washingtonians will soon be able to order from a menu that includes the delectable London Pound Cake strain.

Berner has stated publicly that the brand will be expanding to the Evergreen State before the end of 2019.


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