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Wedding cake strain for sale

buy wedding cake strain Uk. Wedding Cake, also called Pink Cookies, is a sweet and earthy cross of Cherry Pie and GSC. A reliable source of potent euphoria, this high-THC strain is sure to leave you feeling ultra stoned. Based on the powerhouse strains featured in this list, immobilizing potency like that found in Wedding Cake seems to be just the thing most Californians are looking for.  Wedding cake strain for sale, order wedding cake weed, how much is a pound of weed, wholesale wedding cake strain;

Initially, the strain was create for use by patients suffering from pain, fibromyalgia and similar unpleasant diagnoses. It is base on the famous Girl Scout Cookies, crossed with Cherry Pie. The result was a fragrant blend that is easily consume by ordinary smokers who do not have any diagnoses. order wedding cake weed

buy wedding cake strain Uk

The strain is a hybrid of two “parents”: Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Their heritage provides special pleasant sweet notes in taste and a quick relaxing effect. Wedding Cake Kush is an Indica dominate hybrid. In combination with a fairly high THC, this makes strain an ideal variant for relaxation. how much is a pound of weed, where can i buy weed ireland

This variety is grown indoors. Plants require careful maintenance. In the end you’ll get marijuana, which is capable of soothing nerves and reducing anxiety and stress. This variety has a strong, but at the same time, soft effect. It helps to relax, but it does not cause serious psychotropic effects. A great option for those who need to rest after a hard day. wholesale wedding cake strain




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